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  • Harry Johnson featured in ABA Young Lawyer's Division Newsletter

    By: Harry S. Johnson

    Whiteford, Taylor & Preston Partner Harry S. Johnson authored an article in ABA Young Lawyer's Division Newsletter in the October 2016 edition. Mr. Johnson serves as the Chair of the ABA Public Education Committee. 

  • HAM Radio Legislation: Why it Matters to Community Associations

    By: Richa Y. Fortuna

    “Ham radio” refers to amateur radio operations and antennas, which has a surprisingly large following among local hobbyists and enthusiasts.  While the federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 ( “Telecommunications Act”) is the ultimate authority on regulating satellite dishes and television...

  • Community Association Restrictions on Political Signs

    By: Gregory A. Chakmakas

    With the presidential election fast approaching, political signs featuring names of candidates have covered lawns across Virginia. The placement of political signs on private property within community associations raises competing interests. On the one hand, signs are a form of speech that some...

  • The 2016 Elections and Beyond -- Last Minute Opportunities and Compliance Challenges Ahead

    By: Jeffrey P. Altman, James A. Kahl

    The final weeks of the 2016 election season continue to offer unique opportunities to drive interest and support for your industry, profession or cause. Whatever your tax status, you have a constitutionally protected right to conduct a wide range of educational, issue advocacy and lobbying...

  • Montgomery County Employers Must Provide Paid Sick and Safe Leave Effective October 1, 2016

    By: Tiffany M. Releford

    Effective October 1, 2016, all employers in Montgomery County, Maryland with one or more employees are required to provide employees with paid sick and safe leave.  All employees must earn one hour of paid leave for every 30 hours an employee works in Montgomery County, up to 56 hours a year...

  • "Earnings Claims" Regulation – Public Comments Help Prevent Unfair Restrictions

    By: David L. Cahn

    Takeaway:  Demonstrating our value to early stage franchisors, WTP public comments to a proposed FPR Commentary help eliminate provisions that would prevent new franchisors from providing profit information.            

  • Dentaltown's Dentistry Uncensored Podcast "Do you really need a Lawyer?"

    By: Philip M. Bogart

    Phil Bogart was recently featured on Dentaltown's Dentistry Uncensored Podcast "Do you really need a Lawyer?" 

  • Know the Risks of a Cyberattack - and How to Protect Your Association

    By: Jefferson C. Glassie, Stacey L. Pine

    Originally published in Associations Now magazine. Preventing and responding to cyberattacks has become one of an association's highest priorities. The first step is to understand the risks and then implement the policies and procedures you need to keep your data safe. Here's what the law requires.

  • Maryland Equal Pay Law Will Take Effect October 1

    By: Kevin C. McCormick

    Originally published in Maryland Employment Law Letter. Maryland’s new Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, which takes effect on October 1, will prohibit employers from providing less than favorable employment opportunities to or discriminating against employees by paying different rates based on their...

  • Changes Effective October 1, 2016 to Resale Disclosures in Maryland

    By: Julianne E. Dymowski

    This past legislative session, the Maryland General Assembly undertook a review of the resale disclosure laws for condominiums and homeowners associations.  After input from CAI’s Maryland LAC and other organizations, a limited number of changes were passed and will become effective October 1...