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  • Sample Letter To Patients Following The Sale Of A Dental Practice

    By: Philip M. Bogart

    Practice goodwill is the most important asset of any dental office. Although goodwill is an intangible asset, it carries the most weight when buying a practice. So, when planning a transition, the most important element is the manner in which the patients (or the referral sources) will be...

  • So You Want to Use Your New iPad for Association Business? Implications of Technology for Community Associations

    By: Steven F. Dunn

    By:  Steven F. Dunn, Esq. Takeaway: The use of technology by community associations is a great way to efficiently manage association business and records; however, there are recommended practices that should be followed in order to minimize liability exposure.

  • Sex Offenders in Your Community - Facing the Facts

    By: Anthony Clark Many people move into Community Associations throughout the area due to the many added benefits an Association offers including a more “secure” neighborhood. However, there is a hidden reality that many residents of an Association may be surprised to confront – a sex offender...

  • 2016 Virginia Legislative Updates and Annual Checklist

    By: Richa Y. Fortuna

    By: Richa Y. Fortuna, Esq. The Virginia General Assembly approved a number of bills in the 2016 legislative session which impact, directly or indirectly, common interest communities, and the Governor of Virginia signed the following bills into law.

  • New Department of Labor Overtime Regulations

    By: Steven E. Bers

    Effective December 1, 2016, the US Department of Labor regulations defining overtime-exemption eligibility requirements will change, with the impact upon employers being that fewer employees may be eligible for payment on a level salary basis for all hours worked – that is, employers may lose their...

  • China's New Law Governing Foreign NGOs -- An Overview and Quick Compliance Guide

    By: Dorothy Deng

    By: Steven Basart, Director China, Kellen & Dorothy Deng, Esq., Partner at Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, LLP

  • What Does Donald Trump Know About Real Estate Bankruptcy Law That You Need To Know?

    By: David R. Kuney

    In recent months, Donald Trump has been quoted as saying that successful companies often use bankruptcy laws to their advantage.  Does he know something you should know?   Should you be paying closer attention to how bankruptcy law actually works?

  • What Do DOL's Final 'Persuader' Rules Mean For Employers?

    By: Kevin C. McCormick

    Originally published in the Maryland Employment Law Letter. Expanded definition of ‘advice’

  • Nonprofit Communication in the Cellphone Age: Know the Rules and Risks

    By: Stacey L. Pine

    Originally published by ASAE The proliferation of cellphones means that nonprofits can communicate with their members and donors anywhere, anytime. But the law protects consumers from unwanted "robocalls" and text messages on their mobile phones. Nonprofits need to know the rules before they...

  • Update for Social Welfare Organizations

    By: Eileen Morgan Johnson, CAE

    The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 (the PATH Act) created the new IRS section 506. This section requires social welfare organizations (those claiming exemption under § 501(c)(4)) to provide notice to the IRS of their existence no later than 60 days after their formation.   The...