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  • WTP's Kimberly Min quoted in Baltimore Sun: "A 'Field of Dreams' in Mt. Washington for Roland Park Baseball Leagues"

    Kimberly Min was quoted in The Baltimore Sun on 3/31, on efforts to secure a new playing field for the Roland Park Baseball League, “A ‘Field of Dreams’ in Mt. Washington for Roland Park Baseball Leagues,” featured RPBL’s legal expert Kimberly Min.  “With Min's extensive experience in public/...

  • Election 2016: Know the Rules for Supporting Candidates

    By: James A. Kahl

    Originally published by ASAE in Associations Now Plus Elections pose abundant opportunities for associations to support candidates aligned with members' interests. But the law governing election-related activities by associations has shifted drastically in recent years. Before your organization...

  • Associate Dentist Misclassification: Are You Making This Mistake?

    By: Philip M. Bogart

    Having an additional dentist in the office can have numerous advantages. But misclassifying the associate dentist is a potentially pricey mistake that you should avoid.

  • Recent Developments - Amending Virginia HOA Governing Documents

    By: Andrew J. Terrell

    The Supreme Court of Virginia published an opinion relating to the process of amending the Declaration of a Property Owners Association.  The case titled Steven F. Tvardek, Jr., et al. v. Powhattan Village Homeowners Association, Inc., ruled that an Amended Declaration is not effective unless...

  • Prince George's County Council Recently Adopts New Legislation Establishing a Commission on Common Ownership Communities

    By: Kevin A. Kernan

    The Prince George’s County Council recently adopted new legislation that establishes a Commission on Common Ownership Communities (the “PGCCOC”).  The Commission will be composed of nine (9) members appointed by the County Executive. Five (5) of the members will be selected from unit or lot...

  • Are District of Columbia Condominium Associations Required to Register with DCRA and/or Obtain Business Licenses?

    By: Michelle L. LaRue

    The registration and licensing requirements of condominium associations in the District of Columbia vary depending upon several factors. REGISTRATION

  • The Basics of Board Committee Structure

    By: Eileen Morgan Johnson, CAE

    Originally published by ASAE. From standing and ad hoc committees to task forces and advisory councils, a board accomplishes its work through a variety of smaller groups. Associations need to regularly evaluate their existing committee structure and be ready to adjust it based on the organization’s...

  • Why You Should Review Your Employee Classifications

    By: Jennifer S. Jackman, Tiffany M. Releford

    Originally published in Associations Now Plus, an ASAE publication. With new Department of Labor regulations on the horizon, proper classification of employees as exempt or nonexempt is more important than ever. Here are some steps you can take to ensure that you're prepared for a possible rule...

  • Plan to Fail

    By: Jefferson C. Glassie

    Originally published in Associations Now Magazine, published by ASAE. Your association will be hacked. Are you ready? You often hear lawyers talking about risk -- potential legal and other problems that can arise for an association. Well, there is one new risk that isn’t just a possibility: Your...

  • FTC Increases HSR Act Thresholds: "Size of Transaction" Test Increased By 2.5% to $78.2 Million

    By: Frank S. Jones, Jr.

    The Federal Trade Commission has revised the filing and other dollar-denominated thresholds contained in the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976 (“HSR Act”).  These adjustments are made annually based on changes in the U.S. gross national product for the fiscal year ending...