38 Whiteford Attorneys Named Super Lawyers and Rising Stars in Kentucky, Maryland and New York

Date: December 12, 2019
Whiteford, Taylor & Preston is pleased to announce that thirty-eight of its attorneys are listed among the 2020 Super Lawyers and Rising Stars in Kentucky, Maryland and New York. This is in addition to twenty-two attorneys earlier recognized by Super Lawyers in D.C., Pennsylvania and Virginia. The individual lawyers listed and their areas of recognition are below (*newly recognized in 2020):
In Kentucky:
E. Megan Lyons Rising Stars (Civil Litigation)              (Lexington)
Masten Childers, III Rising Stars (Civil Litigation)         (Lexington)
In Maryland:
Thomas C. Barbuti Super Lawyers (Real Estate)         (Columbia)
Erek L. Barron Super Lawyers (General Litigation) (Rockville)
Todd M. Brooks Rising Stars (Bankruptcy: Business) (Baltimore)
Edward M. Buxbaum Super Lawyers (Business Litigation) (Baltimore)
Robert F. Carney Super Lawyers (Construction Litigation) (Columbia)
Aaron L. Casagrande Rising Stars  (Bankruptcy: Business) (Baltimore)
Mary Claire Chesshire Super Lawyers (Employee Benefits) (Baltimore)
Nelson C. Cohen Super Lawyers (Bankruptcy: Business) (Rockville)
Gardner M. Duvall Super Lawyers (Business Litigation) (Baltimore)
Edwin G. Fee, Jr. Super Lawyers (Estate & Probate) (Towson)
Howard R. Feldman Super Lawyers (Business Litigation) (Baltimore)
Peter D. Guattery Super Lawyers (Employment & Labor) (Baltimore)
Sigrid C. Haines Super Lawyers (Health Care) (Baltimore)
Jordan Halle* Rising Stars (Business/Corporate) (Baltimore)
Kevin G. Hroblak Super Lawyers (Business Litigation) (Baltimore)
Harry S. Johnson Super Lawyers (Class Action) (Baltimore)
Frank S. Jones, Jr. Super Lawyers (Securities & Corporate Finance) (Baltimore)
Ioana Kastellorizios* Rising Stars (Business Litigation) (Baltimore)
George S. Lawler Super Lawyers (Business/Corporate) (Towson)
Jennifer Ryan Lazenby Super Lawyers (Business Litigation) (Towson)
Roseanne M. Matricciani Super Lawyers (Health Care) (Baltimore)
Patrick D. McKevitt Rising Stars (Construction Litigation) (Baltimore)
Albert J. Mezzanotte, Jr. Super Lawyers (Business Litigation) (Baltimore)
Joseph J. Mezzanotte Super Lawyers (Real Estate) (Columbia)
Roberto M. Montesinos Rising Stars (Business/Corporate) (Rockville)
Paul M. Nussbaum Super Lawyers (Bankruptcy: Business) (Baltimore)
Gary S. Posner Super Lawyers (Business Litigation) (Baltimore)
Herman B. Rosenthal Super Lawyers (Tax) (Baltimore)
William F. Ryan, Jr. Super Lawyers (Business Litigation) (Baltimore)
David M. Stevens Super Lawyers (Employment & Labor) (Baltimore)
Gregory M. Stone Super Lawyers (Intellectual Property) (Baltimore)
Brent C. Strickland Super Lawyers (Bankruptcy: Business) (Rockville)
Ilana Subar* Super Lawyers (Business Litigation) (Baltimore)
Steven E. Tiller Super Lawyers (Intellectual Property Litigation) (Baltimore)
Warren N. Weaver Super Lawyers (Business Litigation) (Baltimore)
In New York:
Kenneth M. Lewis Super Lawyers (Bankruptcy: Business) (NYC and Tarrytown)
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