Carroll County Board of Commissioners Approves Green Building Tax Credit

Date: May 20, 2009

The Carroll County Board of Commissioners has approved a green building tax credit. The property tax credits will be issued based on the level of "green" certification a commercial property achieves, such as the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification or the Green Building Initiative's Green Globe rating certification.

The credit is a tool for the county to encourage sustainable development and the use of green technologies in new or renovated commercial and industrial buildings and to promote its goal of preserving land and reducing businesses' ecological footprint. Last year, the General Assembly passed legislation authorizing the Carroll County Board of Commissioners to create a green building tax credit. The new ordinance establishes the
eligibility requirements.

Effective on May 2, 2009, Chapter 209 of the Code of Public Local Laws and Ordinances of Carroll County is amended by the addition of Article XIII, Green Building Tax Credit. Only property in the county that is primarily used for business, commercial, or industrial purposes is eligible for this property tax credit. While LEED and Green
Globes rating certifications are named in the ordinance, an equivalent standard will also be accepted.

A property owner with an eligible building could receive the following credit for five consecutive years: (1) 25 percent property tax credit for LEED Silver or an equivalent certification; (2) 50 percent property tax credit for LEED Gold or an equivalent certification; or (3) 75 percent property tax credit for LEED Platinum or an equivalent certification.

The ordinance has a sunset provision, which provides that no new credits will be granted after June 30, 2014, but that any existing credits will continue through completion.

Anyone interested in pursuing the green building tax credit can contact the Carroll County Department of Economic Development at 410-386-2070 or the Comptroller's Office at 410-386-2085.