Chad Toms Named To Advisory Board In Delaware

Date: October 21, 2014

Delaware – Whiteford Taylor & Preston is pleased to announce that Chad Toms has been appointed to the newly created Common Interest Community Advisory Council for the recently enacted Common Interest Community Ombudsperson Act.

Mr. Toms is an experienced community associations lawyer and one of two appointees to the Council to be selected by the Delaware State Bar Association.

He was quoted in The News Journal on the role of the advisory board: “We hope to participate in the process and think more globally toward fixing many challenges facing common-interest communities. For example, there’s lots of delinquency out there. All the other homeowners are stuck footing the bill when two or three don’t pay.” 

Mr. Toms believes that the Ombudsman and the Advisory Council will serve as a platform for the sometimes conflicting interests of boards and homeowners to be aired and resolved without the expense of litigation.