Client Alert: Returning to In-person Church Gatherings - Top Legal Considerations (A Webinar)

Date: May 8, 2020
When it became apparent that large crowds could no longer gather because of health and safety concerns, in-person church services virtually ended.  While the COVD-19 crisis and global pandemic seem far from over, discussions of how we re-open as a nation are underway.

The inherently communal nature of a church fellowship lends itself to being social and in close contact.  What do church leaders need to consider to avoid catastrophe when inviting the community back to church?  In this webinar, Erika E. Cole, Esq., known as The Church Attorney®, provides the top legal considerations for returning to in-person church gatherings and interviews guest Scott Graham, Director of Emergency Preparedness at Holy Cross Health and Vice-President of Maryland Region V Emergency Preparedness Coalition, Inc.