Co-op Use of Electronic Media to Manage & Communicate Effectively - WTP speaker

Date: May 10, 2014 - 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Club Room at Harbour Square Cooperative, 500 N St., SW, Washington DC


The DC Cooperative Housing Coalition is presenting a panel drawn from varied co-ops to share how to get the most out of electronic media plus legal do’s and don’ts to protect your building

The seminar is designed for board members, managers, and those charged with the design and use of electronic media on behalf of the co-op



 Confirmed Speakers



 ·         Joseph Douglass, Esq. of Whiteford, Taylor, and Preston, LLP—will discuss legal requirements and considerations for using electronic media



 ·         Mike O’Dell, Director of the DC Cooperative Housing Coalition and past Board member of Harbour Square Cooperative—will present the design and use of the Harbour Square external web page and Building Link



 ·         Ann Benefield, General Manager of the Westchester Cooperative—will present the design and use of the Westchester external web page and Building Link



 ·         Kim Martinez, communications professional and designer of the Web tool used by 3020 Tilden St., NW Cooperative—will describe the use of Drop Box



 ·         Bob Waser, long-time board member and officer of 3016 Tilden St. NW Cooperative—will present how the Web tool provided by his cooperative’s management company has been tailored to meet their needs