Conducting Business in Frontier Markets - WTP speaker

Date: June 11, 2014 - 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

 The Houston Club, One Shell Plaza, 49th Floor, 910 Louisiana, Houston, Texas 77002

Operating in a frontier market or countries in conflict is fundamentally different than operating in the United States or other advanced countries.  Enayat Qasami’s presentation will discuss the challenges and rewards of doing business in business environments that are overtly hostile and dangerous. 

 In frontier markets, the rule of law is generally non-existent, corruption and security risks are high, and practices that are outlawed in the United States may be considered normal and acceptable. Yet, because of the potential for profits, companies regularly invest and operate in high-risk frontier countries.  Understanding the multiple risks and possessing well-established risk mitigation strategies to avoid, manage and mitigate these risks is the key to success in hostile but otherwise profitable business environments.  This presentation will discuss the most common risks in frontier markets and how to implement legal and business strategies to manage these risks.

Enayat Qasimi is a Partner at Whiteford, Taylor, & Preston in Washington, D.C.  His practice focuses on international business and corporate law.  Mr. Qasimi has worked or lived in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Pakistan, and routinely advises clients on doing business in these countries and the Middle East.