Fairfax County Accepting Plan Amendment Nominations for North County Districts

Date: October 18, 2017

Between now and December 5, 2017, citizens, property owners and community organizations may submit proposals for revisions to the long-range land use plan for sites located within the four north county magisterial districts – Dranesville, Hunter Mill, Providence, and Sully.

Eligibility Requirements.  During the process, nominations may be submitted by anyone, including a landowner, designated agent, or other interested party.  However, if the nominator is not the property owner, written notice by certified mail to the owner(s) is required.  (Only one nomination for a particular site will be permitted per nominator.) 

Sites eligible for suggested revisions to the plan include:

  • Site(s) located outside the boundaries of any pending plan amendment or special study on the planning department’s schedule work program;
  • Areas that have not been part of a plan amendment adopted within the past four years; and 
  • Only non-residential proposals may be submitted for areas subject to the 2016 proffer reform bill.

Each nomination – which may be submitted via e-mail or in writing – must include a completed nomination form, a description of the type of development envisioned under the revised plan, and a written justification explaining how the proposal would:

  • Address an emerging community concern;
  • Better implement the Concept for Future Development and not be contrary to long-standing county policies;
  • Advance major policy objectives such as environmental protection, revitalization, economic development, preserving open space, providing affordable housing, or balancing transportation infrastructure and public facilities with growth and development;
  • Respond to actions taken by others, such as federal, state, or adjacent jurisdictions;
  • Reflect implementation of the comprehensive plan guidance; and/or
  • Respond to or incorporate research derived from technical planning or transportation studies. 

Once nominations are received, they will be revised by the planning commission staff to ensure eligibility requirements have been met and then forwarded to community task forces and the planning division for additional screening.

Any questions, please call me at 703-280-9137.

Resource 2017 North County SSPA Site Map - Source: Fairfax County