Travel Time, On-Call and Stand-By Claims, and the Latest on Meal and Rest Breaks:What is Compensable? - WTP speaker

Date: January 30, 2014 - 3:45 PM - 4:35 PM

Hyatt Regency Miami

As part of ACI's 20th National Forum on Wage & Hour Claims and Class Actions, WTP's Kevin McCormick will join a panel including Wayne O. Adams, III, of Ice Miller LLP and Jonathan W. Yarbrough to address the following topics:

• When is travel time compensable?
- Distinguishing non-compensable commuting time from compensable working time
- Pre-shift and post-shift travel
- Travel “all in a day’s work” – Understanding the need to include paid travel hours in the calculation of overtime pay
• Under what circumstances is an employee entitled to pay for “on call” or “stand-by” time?
- Where was the employee located while on stand-by?
- Determining whether and to what extent an employee’s free time is restricted by on-call time
- How to establish proof of restriction in these cases
• On-call, stand-by and travel claims
• Understanding the differences in state laws and adapting complying with varying requirements and standards
• What constitutes an interruption in an employee’s meal or rest break?
• Best practices for ensuring that employees do not work through provided meal and rest break periods
• Utilizing electronic monitoring to record task completion times
• How to encourage and/or incentivize work productivity without incentivizing employees to forego meal or rest breaks?
• How companies with multiple locations can ensure compliance with varying meal break and rest period requirements