Webinar: What's Coming Down the Line?

A Legal Analysis of the USACE NWP-12 Federal District Court Ruling

Date: May 19, 2020, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Please join Whiteford and McCormick Taylor for a free webinar on the recent US District Court ruling that vacated the USACE Nationwide 12 Permit and remanded it back to USACE. The discussion will provide a breakdown of the ruling itself, what led to the ruling, and how this case could impact projects and programs that rely on Nationwide Permits in the future.

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This webinar will cover:
  • An explanation of the Court's ruling, including the “legalese” surrounding the decision
  • How the case originated and the basis for the challenge
  • The status of the case, the Corps' likely appeal, and whether similar cases in the past are any guide
  • The specific triggers relative to the Endangered Species Act that allowed for this ruling
  • What does this mean for NGOs and other opposition groups?
  • Considerations and possible scenarios for the future of the NWP

  • Justin Bates, Senior Project Manager, Environmental Services
  • Stephen Luttrell, Counsel
  • Trent Zivkovich, Partner