Community Associations Newsletter - September 2018

Why You Shouldn’t Deal With Mold Yourself - And It’s Not Just Because You Don’t Have Mr. Clean’s Abs

Maryland Legislative Update

Penny Wise, Pound Foolish: When Asking Too Much Of Your Community Manager Becomes Risky Business – You Need Expert Advice

Community Associations Newsletter - July 2017

Fairfax County Seeks Your Input on Short-Term Property Rentals

Maryland's High Court Strikes Condominium's Rule Restricting Access to Common Areas

Barbecues, Grilling, and your Community Association: Local Rules You Need to Know

New Rules and Regulations for Aquatic Facilities in the District of Columbia

Community Associations Newsletter - May 2017

What Happens When Local Ordinances Conflict with your Governing Documents? – A Survey of the Conflict of Law Provisions for the Northern Virginia & Fredericksburg Areas

Maryland Common Interest Communities 2017 Legislative Changes

Virginia: 2017 Legislative Update for Common Interest Communities

Community Associations Newsletter - April 2017

Preparing Your Association for Pool Season

The Decision to Serve Alcohol Will Never Be Dry: Things to Consider Before Serving Alcohol at Your Next Community Event

Tree Liability in Maryland, DC, and Virginia

Community Associations Newsletter - January 2017

Condominium Unit Owner Bill of Rights Legislation Expected to Clear the DC Council

Do Community Associations Have the Authority to Regulate Drone Usage on Their Common Area or Common Elements?

Bankruptcy Issues:  Automatic Stay

Community Associations Update - October 2016

Montgomery County Employers Must Provide Paid Sick and Safe Leave Effective October 1, 2016

HAM Radio Legislation: Why it Matters to Community Associations

Community Association Restrictions on Political Signs

Community Associations Update - March 2016

Recent Developments - Amending Virginia HOA Governing Documents

Are District of Columbia Condominium Associations Required to Register with DCRA and/or Obtain Business Licenses

Price George's County Council Recently Adpots New Legislation Establishing A Commission On Common Ownership Communities

Community Associations Update - February 2016

New DOL Regulations: Proper Classification of Community Association Employees Matters

Expanding the Marketability of Units in Your Condominium Association to a Bigger Pool of Potential Buyers: FHA Certification and Recertification

Shoveling Out - Snow Removal Responsibilities and Liability for Community Associations

Community Associations Update - September 2014

Is Your Community Association Sick Leave Policy in Compliance with District of Columbia Law?

Delaware Legislation Update: The New Ombudsman

D.C., Maryland and Virginia: Open Meeting Requirements

Community Associations Update - May 2014

A Guide to Association Records Retention: What You Need to Know

Does Your Building Have an Asbestos Survey and an O & M Program? Why It Matters if Your Building is in D.C.

D.C. Updates: New Condo Act Provisions

Community Associations Update - February 2014

Control Your Board Meetings

Flagpoles - Recent Changes in Delaware Law and a Summary Comparison to Maryland and Virginia

Reserve Funds for Community Associations: Understanding the Why, How and When of Reserves

Community Associations Update - November 2013

Recommended Practices for Community Associations When Creating Websites and Using Social Media

The Critical Role of the Board in Amending Governing Documents

Tax Lien Certificate Sales in DC

Community Associations Update - June 2013

"Mini-COBRA" for Small Employers

"Just the Facts," Virginia Common Interest Communities 2013 Legislative Changes

Maryland Court of Special Appeals Upholds Board's Decision to Deny Architectural Application

Community Associations Update - April 2013

Maryland: Who Bears the Burden of Proof as to the Reasonableness of a Requested Accommodation

E-mail: Pitfalls and Precautions

Installation of Electric Car Charging Stations

New Form I-9 Released

Community Associations Update - March 2013

Minimizing Risk: The Importance of Conducting Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Training

FHA Certification and Recertification

Foreclosures in the District of Columbia - What Can Condominium Associations Do?

Community Associations Update - July 2011

"Just the Facts" - Virginia Common Interest Communities 2011 Legislative Changes

Maryland Passes Priority Lien Bill and Other Legislative Updates for 2011

D.C. Condominium Act Amendments Are On the Move

Delaware Update -- Getting Used to DUCIOA

Community Associations Update - Fall 2009

The Importance of Having a Modification/Accommodation Policy

Cable & Satellite Companies Can't Be Exclusive Provideres in Your Community

Protecting Your Association From Identity Theft

Community Associations Update - Summer 2009

Virginia Common Interest Communities 2009 Legislative Changes

Community Associations in the District of Columbia and the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Act of 2007

District of Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs Will Not Require D.C. Condominiums to Obtain a Basic Business License

How to "Green" Your Community: Key Considerations

Community Associations Update - Summer 2008

2008 Virginia Legislative Update General Assembly -- House Bill 516

Community Associations and the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Act Of  2007

Maryland Court of Appeals Hands Victory to Condominium Associations

The Pack Rat: A Community's Dilema