Labor & Employment Newsletter - June 2019

Intercollegiate Athletics and Collective Bargaining Agreements

Proposed Title IX Rule Changes Provide Clarity for Schools, Support for Survivors and Due Process Rights for All

Ethical Misconduct in Coaching

Is the Playing Field Level?

Labor & Employment Newsletter - April 2019

Accountability in the Virtual Workplace

Setting Expectations and Minimizing Risk Through Remote Working Agreements

Unintended Consequences of Remote Employees

Multi-Jurisdictional Issues in Today's Remote Workforce

Labor & Employment Newsletter - March 2015

How Simple is that Simple Retirement Plan, Really?

Social Media & Employment Law

Hat Fight: NLRB Ruling Against Company Hat Policy Rejected by D.C. Circuit

Check Your Policies - They May be Unlawful

Proposed Legislation in Maryland Regarding the Definition of Supervisors

DC Metro Area Labor & Employment Newsletter - September 2014

Applicants' Criminal Histories May Soon Be Off Limits in Initial Interviews in Montgomery County and District of Columbia

The "Unpaid" Intern

The Americans with Disabilities Act: A Brief Overview of What Employers Should Know

Employer Liability for Harassment of Employees by Strangers

Labor & Employment Newsletter - Summer 2013

Affordable Care Act Requirements for Employers: Although Mandate Delayed, Action Still Required

Maryland Legislature Creates New Procedure for Employees Pursuing Wage Claims

Senate Breaks NLRB Logjam

Labor & Employment Newsletter - Spring 2013

D.C. Circuit Nixes NLRB Posting Requirement

Employers Now Required to Use Revised Form I-9 When Verifying Employment Eligibility

End of Maryland Legislative Session Brings New Law Addressing Employers' Obligation to Pregnant Employees

Labor & Employment Newsletter - Spring 2012

Court Order Indefinitely Delays Implementation of NLRB Notice Posting Requirement

Maryland Legislature Passes Bill Prohibiting Employers from Requesting Social Media Passwords

Fourth Circuit Holds That Internal FLSA Compliant Can Support Retaliation Claim

Labor & Employment Newsletter - Winter 2012

Are Your Employees Misclassified?

NLRB Adopts Final Rule Implementing Some, But Not All, Proposed Regulations

NLRB Again Delays Effective Date of Notice Posting Requirement

Court Addresses Interplay Between FMLA and ADA Obligations

Labor & Employment Newsletter - Fall 2011

NLRB Issues Final Rule Requiring Employers to Post Workplace Notice of Employee Rights

New Credit Check Restrictions for Maryland Employers Take Effect October 1st

Maryland Court of Appeals Clarifies Scope of Wrongful Discharge Tort

Labor & Employment Newsletter - September 2010

Social Media in the Workplace: Part 2

Attention Employers with DC Employees: Final Regulations for Accrued Sick and Save Leave Act Issued

IN BRIEF: NLRB Upholds Union's Right To "Banner"

Labor & Employment Newsletter - Summer 2010

Social Media in the Workplace: Part 1

Department of Labor Broadly Interprets "Son or Daughter" For Purposes of FMLA Leave

Supreme Court Ruling Against NLRB Results in Remand of Almost 100 NLRB Decisions

COBRA Health Continuation Coverage Subsidy Extension: Frequently Asked Questions

Employment Law Update - Fall 2009

The EEOC Issues Its Long-Awaited Proposed ADAAA Regulations

When is the Boss Personally Liable for a Company's Failure to Pay Proper Wages?

The District Court Dismisses ADA Claim

Employment Law Update - Summer 2009

EEOC Provides Employer Guidance to Deal With H1N1 Flu Virus and Other Pandemic Concerns

Imposing Pay Cuts on Your Exempt Employees -- Be Very Careful or the Cost-cutting Measure Can Cost You Big Time

Legislative Update

Employment Law Update - Winter 2009

Poorly-drafted Severance Agreements Can Cost You More Than You Expect

Fourth Circuit Closes Out Bank Officer's Account

Think Before You Type

On-Call Policies: How to Use Them Correctly & Reduce Labor Costs

Economic Stimulus Act -- Impact on COBRA Health Continuation Coverage: Frequently Asked Questions

Employment Law Update - Summer 2008

The Supreme Court Expands Employees' Rights: Broadening the scope of relief for older workers and those who allege retaliation

Maryland's Flexible Leave Act: Time to Update Your Employee Handbooks

Is Expansion Of The Americans With Disabilities Act On The Horizon?

Employment Law Update - Spring 2008

Payout Of Accrued But Unused Leave At Termination: The Rules Change -- Yet Again!

Significant Changes in Employment Eligibility Procedures

Attorneys' Fees Awarded Under Maryland's Wage, Payment And Collection Law

Amendments to the Jobs for Veterans Act of 2002

EEOC Reports Sharp Rise in Job Bias Charges

Employment Law Update - Winter 2008

DLLR Changes Policy Regarding Payout of Accrued But Unused Leave

Dramatic Changes In the Enforcement Of State Discrimination Claims

Maryland's new Living Wage Law -- 15 Things You Need to Know

Extended FMLA Benefits for Military Families

Employment Law Update - Fall 2007

Background Checks and Mistaken Identity

DOL Publishes Final Rule on Labor Certifications

Supreme Court Issues Pay Discrimination Decision

Recent Legislative Developments in Maryland

Employment Law Update - Spring 2007

The Revised 2007 EEO-1 Form: New Racial Designations and Job Categories

Supreme Court to Review "Cat's Paw" Case

Restrictive Covenants: Sometimes They're Not Worth the Pater They're Printed On!

What! Me Worry?? I Have Insurance to Cover that Claim!!

Labor & Employment - Employment Law Update - Fall 2006

Clean-Up on Aisle Four!

Gathering Storm: How Recent Changes at SEIU Will Affect the Local Health Care Industry

DOL Offers Guidance on Personnel Policies Affecting Exempt Employees

Military Service: DOL Issues New USERRA Regulations

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA): Auto Parts Handler's Tendonitis is not a Disability Under the ADA

Wage and Hours Law: DOL Issues Snow Day Guidance

Summaries of Recent Maryland Employment Cases

Labor and Employment - Employment Law Update - Spring 2006

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Blind Employees and Vision Impairments Obtaining Medical Information Confidentiality Rules

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) DOL Offers Guidance on Defining "Volunteers"

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Worker Walking Relating to Donning, Doffing Safety Gear Is Compensable, Justice Rules

EEO - Age Discrimination

Employment Law Update - Fall 2005

Supreme Court Broadens Age Discrimination Claims

Supreme Court Exempts IRAs From Bankruptcy

National Labor Relations Act - RNs Not Supervisors - Marking NLRB Sample Ballot With an "X" In The "Yes" Box

EEO - Confederate Flag Stickers in the Workplace - National ORigin and Religious Discrimination Claims Fail

USERRA - Reemployment Rights of National Guard / Reserve Members - FMLA Leave

AFL - CIO Membership Levels Dropped Before Defections of Five Unions