Towson Commons, Suite 300
One West Pennsylvania Avenue
Towson, MD 21204-5025

Phone: 410.832.2000
Fax: 410.832.2015


Garage parking 

  • There are two entrances into the Towson Commons parking garage:
    • Pennsylvania Avenue 
    • Bankers Way near the Chesapeake Avenue/York Road intersection 
  • Take a ticket to enter the garage - We will provide a voucher to cover the cost of the ticket when you leave
  • You may park in any unreserved space - Remember the number and letter for the floor and section in which you park
  • A breezeway leading from the garage to the office building is on level 3A
  • Cross the breezeway and continue straight until you are in front of the TV directory - You will see glass doors and elevators to your left
  • Take an elevator down to the 1st Floor to sign in at the security desk
  • The security guard will allow you to take an elevator up to the 3rd floor

Returning to the Garage

  • Take an elevator back to the 2nd Floor (you do not need to sign out with security)
  • Cross the breezeway towards the parking garage. This will lead you back onto level 3A of the garage
  • Take a garage elevator up or down to your parking level
  • Follow the signs to EXIT. Insert parking ticket, then voucher