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Towson Commons, Suite 300
One West Pennsylvania Avenue
Towson, MD 21204-5025
  • The entrance to Towson Commons parking is on Pennsylvania Avenue.
  • From any level of the garage, take the elevator that is on a lettered "A" side to Level 3. You can only access the Office Building Bridge from the Level 3A garage elevator.
  • As you exit the elevator on Level 3A, go through the automatic glass doors on your right that lead to the Office Building Bridge.
  • At the end of the bridge to your left, press the button on the intercom box located to the right of the glass door. Announce your arrival to Whiteford, Taylor & Preston in Suite 300.
  • The security guard will unlock that door.
  • Take any one of the elevators down to the 1st Floor marked "Penn Ave."
  • Exit the elevator to the Main Lobby.
  • Go to the Security Desk and sign in.
  • The Security Guard will release the elevator to the 3rd floor.
  • Take any lobby elevator to the 3rd floor.
  • Announce your arrival to the Receptionist.
  • Prior to leaving, your parking ticket will be validated at the Reception Desk.
  • As you exit the Suite, take any elevator down to the 1st floor marked "Penn Ave."
  • Go to the Security Desk and sign out.
  • Take any elevator in the lobby up to the 2nd Floor marked "P-Shops."
  • Exit through the single glass door back to the Office Building Bridge.
  • At the end of the Bridge, exit through the automatic glass doors. You will be on Level 3A of the garage.
  • Take that garage elevator up or down to your parking level.
  • Follow the signs to EXIT AT PENN AVE.