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Administrative Law & Regulatory Litigation

Our team of Administrative Law practitioners has the experience to help you and your business navigate the most challenging, complicated and adversarial regulatory problems at the federal, state, or local level.  Our depth of experience allows us to focus on working with government agencies to avoid problems before they arise at the agency level and, if problems do arise, remedy or minimize them quickly and efficiently.  In those situations in which it is necessary to turn to the courts to correct governmental action, our litigators have the experience and understanding to protect your interests through all phases of the litigation and appeals process.

Our team has a comprehensive understanding of the legal principles governing how agencies make rules and regulations and the processes they use to resolve disputes with businesses and individuals.  Such understanding is critical not only when representing a client in a proceeding before a government agency, but also when mounting a challenge to an adverse agency decision in court or defending a favorable agency decision against a challenge in court by others.  Our team’s depth of experience gives our clients the benefit of going to an administrative proceeding or court with lawyers who are knowledgeable about the industries and fields in which our clients do business, the substantive regulatory laws affecting our clients and a full understanding of the legal doctrines that apply to the agency decision-making process -- each of which is essential to success.