Antitrust and Trade Regulation

Taking advantage of Whiteford, Taylor & Preston's multi-disciplinary practice, and often working as a team with the firm's Business Department and its corporate transaction and securities attorneys, our Business Litigation attorneys have successfully represented business clients in major antitrust and trade regulation cases among diverse industries, including manufacturing, health care, construction, petroleum marketing and pharmaceuticals. Our representation extends to providing antitrust counseling and advice to clients with regard to potential joint ventures, mergers, or other business combinations, as well as business practices such as price discounts, surveys and loyalty rebates. Such advice extends to Hart-Scott-Rodino filings, and counseling regarding the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice guidelines.

Illustrating the breadth of our practice, we have successfully defended hospital system clients against monopolization and boycott claims brought by physician groups, and we have regularly and successfully defended major oil companies in Petroleum Marketing Practices Act cases.

In representing plaintiffs in private antitrust claims, our clients have prevailed in cases ranging from price fixing in the soft drink bottling industry to a case establishing that a surcharge to construction contracts for a union industry fund violated the Sherman Act.

FTC Issues Revised 2009 HSR Thresholds

The attached Alert has been prepared for general informational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice. Antitrust counsel should be consulted both prior to consummating any transaction, to ensure that the appropriate HSR Act filing thresholds have been considered, and prior to filing any HSR Notification Form, to ensure that all technical and other aspects of the HSR Act are satisfied.