Clean Energy Technology

Alternative, Renewable, Sustainable and Green Sources of Energy

With five of our offices in the watershed of one of the world's largest estuaries -- the Chesapeake Bay -- we are keenly aware of the need to do our part to ensure the health of our environment. That's why our Clean Energy Technology Group supports visionaries who build innovative technologies and business models for a cleaner, greener world.

If you are an inventor, entrepreneur or business trying to make a difference with a more sustainable technology or business process, you need experienced lawyers who can help you grow your company and protect and leverage your technology or process.  After all, your innovation must be nurtured, commercialized and implemented to make a real difference in the world.

We stand ready to help you every step of the way, from the first kernel of an idea, to intellectual property protection, navigation of regulatory hurdles, international implementation and distribution.  Whether your innovations relate to cleaner waters, land or air, our strategy is the same -- to provide you with experienced business and intellectual property lawyers who have a passion for clean energy technologies, processes and deal-making, and the talent to back it up.

We have worked with the developers of many kinds of clean energy, from wave energy devices to electric propulsion systems, louvered solar energy concentrators, liquid fuel conditioning technologies, clean energy equity funds, plant-, waste- and algae-based bio-fuel systems, and other flavors of clean energy technology. 

Let us put our experience to work for you -- and a cleaner world.

Representative clients:
  • A company that develops and markets solar energy products
  • A company that converts non-recycled municipal solid and industrial wastes into biofuel (next generation cellulosic ethanol and other key co-products) through a proprietary, industrial scale process
  • The manufacturer of a regenerative electric propulsion system for sailboats
  • The creator of the first-ever online electric energy marketplace for consumers
  • A U.S. biodiesel processor seeking West African Jatropha sources
  • The developer of patent-pending solar energy concentrators and conversion
  • A developer of algal biofuel
  • One of the world's leading wave energy technology companies
  • An energy company that acquired a leading energy management and demand response provider in North America
  • The owner and operator of plants that use patented technology to recycle human food wastes into dried animal feed
  • An installer of solar electric panels (both residential and commercial) in connection with its proposed sale to a foreign-owned company
  • A biofuel company that blends used cooking oil with diesel fuel; this company contracts with major oil companies to assist them in meeting their eco-fuel production mandates