Compliance and Ethics Counseling

The United States Government is not just another customer, and many business practices that are common in the commercial marketplace will land a company in deep trouble as a government contractor.  There are numerous standards of conduct regulations and substantive laws governing the contracting process which contractors must observe, and penalties for noncompliance can be severe.  

Whiteford Taylor & Preston attorneys regularly assess our clients' corporate compliance with the laws, regulations, policies and procedures applicable to government contracting.  We actively assist clients in developing and implementing standards of conduct and compliance policies and in structuring corporate compliance programs, carefully tailoring such programs to address a client's most significant risks.  We conduct in-house compliance audits, and provide in-house training with respect to business ethics, organizational and individual conflicts of interest, procurement integrity, workplace requirements, and civil and criminal fraud issues.   

Most importantly, we work with clients to ensure that from the top down, all contractor employees are fully aware of the rules of doing business with the federal government, and the consequences of noncompliance.