Education Accreditation

Whiteford, Taylor & Preston represents a number of private accrediting agencies, most of which are recognized by the United States Department of Education. The firm advises clients on internal agency administrative processes, including consideration and review of applications for accreditation and reaccreditation, and internal appeal of any decisions not to accredit or denial of applications for reaccreditation. The firm has experience in regulations in the Department of Education applicable to recognized accrediting agencies.

Occasionally, accrediting agencies are sued as a result of decisions not to accredit or to deny accreditation and the firm has successfully litigated all challenges to such agency actions in a variety of state and federal courts throughout the United States. The firm also has litigated student class action claims against such agencies. In addition, the firm has experience in antitrust law, which is helpful since the United States Department of Justice has become increasingly active in asserting the applicability of antitrust law in the educational context.

The firm provides corporate and tax advice with respect to the legal structure of the agencies including advice on drafting of bylaws and corporate charters. The firm also provides advice with respect to real estate, leasing and employment issues.

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