Emerging Businesses & Their Entrepreneur-Owners

We have a long history of representing entrepreneurs.  Start-up businesses need access to sound and timely legal advice on a broad range of topics from entity selection, structure and formation, to intellectual property, to tax and securities laws. Our extensive experience allows us to provide sophisticated representation to technology-based start-ups and other emerging businesses.  As counsel for these ventures, we actively assist in positioning companies to seek financing, structuring the terms of the investment and assisting the client in addressing key business, intellectual property and regulatory issues.     

Representing emerging companies has given us valuable insight into the venture process and the key negotiating strategies and issues involved in venture capital investing.  As a result, we work closely with growing companies to prepare them for possible exit scenarios and to preserve and enhance value for the investors.

Support for Existing Technology Companies

We represent expanding companies and investors in pursuing organic growth and development as well as in pursuing and evaluating exit strategies.  Specifically, we have experience in:

  • presenting the company's technology or IP assets to other investors as part of an expansion or exit strategy;
  • creating JV agreements and all types of licenses and contracts;
  • managing the other party's due diligence demands; and
  • IP support of companies/technology assets within PE portfolios, including:
    • establishing/auditing IP policy, incentives and process for capturing IP assets and document retention policies; and  
    • assisting in the procurement of IP, either internally developed or externally obtained, by license or acquisition.