Government Contracts Alternative Dispute Resolution

Whiteford, Taylor and Preston regularly engages in litigation and ADR for our government contractor clients.  We recognize that litigation imposes enormous demands on a clients' time and resources and so we are committed to exploring the most cost-effective means of achieving our clients' goals.  ADR methods are particularly appropriate to resolving many government contract claims.   Federal agencies are increasingly focused on resolving conflicts through ADR methods including arbitration, mini-trials, mediation, facilitation, conciliation, and negotiation.  Many federal agencies have adopted policies strongly encouraging the voluntary use of ADR procedures to resolve contract disputes at the contracting officer and board of contract appeals levels. 

Whenever litigation is a possibility for our clients, where appropriate we will actively seek alternate means of resolving disputes to avoid protracted disputes and costly litigation.  Attorneys at Whiteford Taylor and Preston have substantial experience in mediation, arbitration and other forms of alternate dispute resolution.  Our attorneys have successfully represented clients in ADR proceedings and served as mediators and arbitrators in government contracts-related disputes.