Higher Education

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." -- William Butler Yeats

Colleges, universities, professional and trade schools - your mission is to shape future generations, advance research and learning, and help preserve and expand our culture. But your institution is also a business facing an increasing number of complex regulatory and financial challenges on a daily basis. Your legal needs have become more sophisticated.

At Whiteford, Taylor & Preston LLP, we have a group of lawyers who are deeply involved in higher education as active alumni of their own schools, as board members, and as lawyers representing colleges, universities and post-secondary schools of all sizes. With our experience at your disposal, you can move confidently forward, tackling the full range of matters you face, from faculty recruiting to disciplinary issues, from licensing agreements to accreditation proceedings, from foreign faculty to student loan programs, including areas that are not unique to higher education, such as taxation, contracts, environmental problems, and general litigation.

We help our clients make sense of it all and position their institutions for long-term success.

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