Open Source, SaaS & Other Innovative Distribution Models

Our clients and their technologies often change at a blistering pace.  That's why the attorneys in our Technology and Intellectual Property Group are conversant in the latest ways of commercializing, sharing and otherwise distributing and using technologies, data and ideas.

For example, we have helped multiple clients become early adopters of the application service provider ("ASP") and Software as a Service ("SaaS") distribution models by crafting innovative documents that enable them to lease a wide variety of software applications over the Internet.  Thus, we stand ready to assist our clients with the intricacies of a broad range of ASP-related transactions, including alliance agreements with independent software vendors ("ISVs"), data center leases, ASP outsourcing, and direct and indirect service level agreements ("SLAs") with both ISVs and customers.

We have also counseled clients in the growing field of "open source" software licensing, in which software owners leverage copyrights in a way that permits them to forego traditional licensing methods in favor of a licensing methods that permit more open and free use and distribution of software, while promoting further development.  Indeed, our Technology and Intellectual Property attorneys have been on the forefront of the development of many of the commonly used open source licenses.

Although we cannot predict what technological changes lie ahead, we can predict that our Technology and Intellectual Property attorneys will be prepared to embrace those changes and to develop innovative and practical methods of distributing the underlying technologies.