Social Media

Facebook® boasts more than 500 million members and accounts for over seven percent of all Internet traffic.  Over two billion videos are viewed on YouTube® each day.  Clearly, social media is not a passing fad as people increasingly find more ways to communicate digitally and constantly.  Social Media is transforming not only the daily lives of individual consumers, but also how companies interact with consumers.  Our Technology and Intellectual Property attorneys work closely with clients to provide practical and actionable social media advice, including:

  • Counsel regarding risks and opportunities specific to social media, including matters involving Facebook®, MySpace®, LinkedIn®, Twitter® and YouTube®
  • Brand protection and management, copyright and other intellectual property concerns
  • Social Media audits and development of social media use policies
  • Digital marketing and social media concerns including the law regarding sweepstakes, lotteries, contests and the like and the FTC guidelines governing endorsements and testimonials
  • Employment-related social media issues including organization campaigns, defamation and employee recruitment/in-take procedures
  • Litigation concerns including electronic discovery and record retention issues
  • Privacy concerns

Crowdfunding as a Platform for Small Business Capital Raising

Over the past 20 years, the Internet has introduced innovative business models and platforms at an astonishing pace.  More recently, the rapid spread of social media and the proliferation of “smart” phones, tablets and other mobile devices have revolutionized further the way people interact with one another, both personally and professionally.  Businesses are increasingly using social media platforms such as Facebook® and Twitter® to do business and interact with their customers.  Now this social media boom is also affecting the way small businesses raise funds for growth and capital investment.