Suspensions and Debarments

Suspension or debarment from government contracting can put a company out of business.  Preventive measures and effective legal representation are crucial to a government contractor's continued operations. 

Our attorneys are experienced in conducting internal audits, developing effective and comprehensive compliance programs and working with clients to implement strategies to avoid suspension and debarment proceedings.  We routinely counsel and update clients on changes in procurement regulations and decisional law to minimize a company's risk of liability exposure and to avoid potential suspension or debarment events.  In the event that a company receives a notice of suspension or proposed debarment from the government, we are well-versed in the administrative procedures governing debarment and suspension proceedings and decisions. 

We work closely with the government to abate suspension/debarment recommendations through negotiation or administrative agreements, wherever possible.  Where a proposed suspension or debarment is the result of criminal and civil investigations, we have experience negotiating "global" civil-and-criminal settlements in suspension and debarment proceedings. 

We vigorously defend our clients' interests through litigation, where necessary, and if a contractor is ultimately suspended or debarred, we work with a client to implement remedial strategies to restore contractor responsibility for future procurements.