Tax Controversy Matters

Members of the Tax Section have substantial experience representing clients in controversy matters, including administrative appeals and tax litigation in federal and state courts. The group has been successful in handling administrative appeals both before the IRS and state agencies by efficiently evaluating each case and adopting a strategy to resolve the case in the most cost-effective manner. Whether a tax matter arises as a refund claim, an assessment audit or other administrative proceeding, we have the experience to provide guidance to our clients throughout the process.

The Tax Section has been involved in many of the most important tax cases in the Mid-Atlantic region, a number of which had national significance. We represent clients in cases involving unclaimed property audits, property tax abatements, sales tax, income tax, franchise tax and miscellaneous other tax refund or deficiency matters.

Through our experience in handling tax controversy matters both at the administrative and judicial levels, we have developed mutual respect with several IRS and State administrators, as well as counsel to the taxing authorities. These relationships create the opportunity for controversies to be resolved at the earliest possible stage.

Where tax controversy matters cannot be resolved administratively, we have the necessary experience to handle the case as it proceeds through the courts. A member of the Tax Section remains actively involved in the case through all levels of litigation. Typically, a member of the Tax Section serves as lead counsel in the case, calling upon the assistance of the firm's litigation attorneys as needed.