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Trusts, Wills and Estate Planning


Whiteford, Taylor & Preston attorneys have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the complex, and ever changing, area of estate and trust law. You can rest assured that our attorneys will keep you well informed of the best ways to take advantage of the changes at each step along the way. Of course, there is more involved in estate planning than just the estate tax. Our attorneys can make sure that your assets pass to the next generation in the most efficient and cost effective manner. And if you are involved in the administration of the estate of someone who has died, we can guide you through the misunderstood, but often relatively uncomplicated, probate process.

Charitable Planning

There are many reasons to engage in charitable giving -- to provide funds for worthwhile causes, to create a legacy in someone’s memory, or to take advantage of the tax benefits. No matter what your goals, WTP’s charitable planning attorneys provide the expertise to get the most out of your charitable intentions. The limitations on income tax deductions for charitable contributions can be quite perplexing, but our attorneys have the knowledge to guide you through the complexities. Our attorneys also have the experience necessary to provide you with the proper structure for your charitable gift, whether it’s a charitable remainder trust, a pooled income fund, or the creation of your own tax-exempt charitable foundation.

Fiduciary Administration

Our clients often call upon us to serve in fiduciary capacities, such as the personal representative of an estate or a trustee. This indicates the high level of confidence and trust that our clients have in the judgment and abilities of our attorneys. WTP attorneys also provide advice to clients who serve in fiduciary capacities themselves. Our experience in estate and trust administration can provide for a smooth transfer of assets pursuant to a will or trust. And if a dispute arises concerning the validity of a will or trust, we can assist you in pursuing or defending against a challenge.

Estate Planning

WTP’s estate planning attorneys ensure that our clients have the documents necessary to minimize taxes and to transfer assets according to their desires. Whether you need a simple will or you need to engage in sophisticated estate tax planning, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the appropriate advice. WTP estate planning attorneys also work closely with our corporate attorneys to ensure that family-owned businesses pass smoothly from one generation to the next. As a testament to our reputation in the field of estate planning, we have for years had one or more of our attorneys who have earned the distinction of being elected Fellows of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (ACTEC).

Wills and Trusts

We can guide you through the complex and often confusing area of wills and trusts. Simply understanding the jargon is sometimes difficult. If you don’t know the difference between a QPRT and a QTIP, you’re not alone. Our attorneys can explain what these and other estate-related terms mean and how they apply to you. And we can demystify the misunderstood area of law known as probate. Our attorneys can tell you whether it makes sense to try to avoid probate through the use of a living trust, or whether the costs of doing so would exceed any benefit of probate avoidance.