Steven P. Benson

Steven P. Benson

T: 703.280.3391
F: 703.259.6538

Mr. Benson has over 25 years of experience advising nonprofit organizations and associations on a wide variety of legal issues. His experience includes:

Memberships & Activities

  • Member: District of Columbia Bar Association
  • Member: American Bar Association
  • Member: Board of Directors of the Northern Virginia Christian Academy
  • Member: Board of Directors of the National Maritime Heritage Foundation
  • Member: Board of Directors of the Everyman Society
  • Member: Board of Directors of the Potomac Heritage Partnership

Nonprofit, Corporate & Board Issues

  • Corporate governance issues applicable to nonprofits, including governance policies requested by the Internal Revenue Service, amendments to articles and bylaws, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, watchdog compliance, restructuring, and best practices
  • Board and governance issues, such as board size, committee structure, recruitment, orientation, elections, self-evaluations and credentialing
  • Charitable solicitation and other fundraising activities

Tax Advice

  • Federal and state tax laws applicable to 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(6) organizations and their affiliates, including for profit subsidiaries and joint ventures
  • Unrelated business income tax issues
  • Applications for federal and state tax exemption
  • Tax consequences of employee compensation and fringe benefits

Employment Advice

  • Employment agreements, Executive compensation arrangements, Executive and staff evaluations, Compensation plans, Employment policies and handbooks, Noncompete agreements, Confidentiality agreements, Personnel files, Employee terminations and severance agreements
  • Working with management and boards to develop succession planning programs for management level staff, Interviewing prospective, current and former employees, Job descriptions, Leased employees and
  • Outsourced HR services


  • Intellectual property, copyright and trademark licensing
  • Contracts such as independent contractors, hotel and convention services, licenses, and grant agreements