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  • Confidentiality Claims Rejected by NLRB

    By: Jeffrey C. Seaman

    A recent decision by the National Labor Relations Board provides guidance about what does and does not qualify as “confidential” information that an employer could withhold from an employee bargaining unit.  In Washington Hospital Center d/b/a Medstar Washington Hospital Center and National...

  • The Federal Trade Commission Takes Aim at Professional Regulatory Boards

    By: Jefferson C. Glassie

    Written with assistance from Stacey Pine.Take-away:  The Supreme Court will hear a case this fall as to whether state licensing boards composed of regulated professionals are entitled to  the ‘state action’ exception to the antitrust laws.

  • Disciplinary Proceedings: Due Process and Fair Report to Avoid Liability

    By: Jerome C. Schaefer

    Take-away: A decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in mid-February is a reminder that failures in due process and fair reporting of association disciplinary matters may lead to legal liability. 

  • DC Updates: New Condo Act Provisions

    By: Jane Saindon Rogers

    Introduction Legislation to amend the District of Columbia Condominium Act was signed by Mayor Gray on April 28, 2014, and will go into effect as soon as the mandatory Congressional review period has expired.  Hopefully, that will be sometime before June 15, 2014.

  • Does Your Building Have an Asbestos Survey and an O&M Program?

    By: Valerie L. Tetro

    Take-away:  If you have a pre-1981 building, you have special asbestos-related obligations.

  • A Guide to Association Records Retention: What You Need to Know

    Your “Records Retention Policy” – What it is and why you need it.

  • Don't Put Off That Development Project

    By: John B. Gontrum, Jennifer R. Busse

    Years ago a Baltimore County employee told me that no matter how onerous I thought the development regulations might be, if I waited a while they would get worse.  That cautionary statement is applicable to today’s marketplace.  The State of Maryland has become very involved in local land...

  • Baltimore Council Votes To Ban the Box

    By: Kevin C. McCormick

    Employers in Baltimore will face new restrictions in conducting criminal background checks now that the city council has passed a tough new “ban the box” law. Bill 13-0301, titled “Ban the Box – Fair Criminal Records Screening Practices,” passed the Baltimore City Council on April 28 and was...

  • Understanding and Contrasting the ADA and FHA

    By: Marla J. Diaz

    Originally published in Quorum Magazine, November 2013. No one who becomes a board member for their community association does so with the idea that they want to discriminate against their neighbors.  Yet, more and more boards are facing discrimination accusations under the Fair Housing Act...

  • Suspension of Community Privileges: Virginia

    By: Kathleen A. Waldy

    A community association’s ability to suspend an owner’s voting privileges and community privileges, such as parking, pool, and/or fitness center access, is a powerful tool associations can use in getting the attention of owners who are in violation of association governing documents.  This...