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  • I Got This Thing From the IRS.......

    By: Mary Claire Chesshire

    The Internal Revenue Service is now launching questionnaire projects to gather information about retirement plans, in addition to conducting random, full scope audits.  What should you do if a questionnaire is received?  First - do not ignore it and, second, ask your advisor to help with...

  • Tackling Tariffs

    By: Alexander W. Koff

    The attached article was originally published in teh Journal of Accountancy, February 2014, and is reprinted with their permission.

  • Scared Staff / Reassigned Manager

    By: Jeffrey C. Seaman

    A recent federal court decision in a discrimination / retaliation case will be of interest to Maryland employers, HR managers, and people who mistreat their staff.

  • Restaurant and Retail Franchisors: Could This Be You in 2014?

    By: David L. Cahn

    The case of Wojcik v. Interarch, Inc., currently pending in the U.S.

  • Recent Franchise Non-Compete Cases Show Unpredictability of Enforcement

    By: David L. Cahn

    Summary: Recent cases involving attempted enforcement of covenants not to compete by franchisors show the unpredictability of the results in such cases. However, careful reading of the factual circumstances of the cases also supports the adage that “bad facts make bad law.” So it behooves...

  • WTP's Marla Diaz Wins Summary Judgment on BMA -- Renoir Case

    By: Marla J. Diaz

    “A federal court judge made a ruling Friday that will award title to an 1879 painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir to the Baltimore Museum of Art — though it may be some time before the tiny water view of the River Seine makes it back home to Baltimore. Judge Leonie M. Brinkema of the U.S. District...

  • The State Acts: the Environmental Impact on Business, 2013 and 2014

    By: M. Trent Zivkovich

    The close of 2013 saw several developments in environmental regulatory matters that Maryland businesses and individuals should consider as they make plans for the coming year and beyond.  A common theme in many of these state programs and initiatives is the role and cost of stormwater...

  • Protecting An Association's Trademarks

    By: Dana O. Lynch

    When we think of trademarks, most consumers think of famous international brands, such as Coca-Cola, Nike and Apple. Trademarks, however, are not just for traditional “for-profit” corporations. Trademarks can be very important assets to associations and can have significant value in advancing their...

  • Copyrights Are Critical For Associations

    By: Jefferson C. Glassie

    Books, publications, websites, white papers, conference proceedings, magazines and newsletters constitute some of the most valuable property that associations have. These materials may be protected by the copyright laws, and it’s critical that associations maximize such protection. It’s important...

  • Privacy Matters

    By: Howard R. Feldman

    The obligations imposed by the data breach laws enacted by almost every state and many foreign countries (particularly the European Union) and various federal privacy laws do not distinguish between for profit businesses and nonprofit organizations. Therefore, trade and professional associations...