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  • Advice on Making Corporate Governance Changes

    By: Eileen Morgan Johnson

    It’s not uncommon for an association’s corporate governance to become stale, a relic of the past, perhaps from the days of the association’s founding or from the last time the governance was overhauled two or three decades ago.  The governance structure that was perfect for the association in...

  • Top 10 Questions For The Dental Associate To Ask Before Signing The Associate Agreement

    By: Philip M. Bogart

    You may wonder why you would want to talk with a lawyer about your career at this early stage. Excellent question.  While the legal issues a new graduate needs to consider are typically very different than those faced by a dentist in mid-career who is buying or selling a practice or a dentist...

  • CAFC Addresses “Use in Commerce” in Playdom Decision

    On March 2, 2015, The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (“CAFC” or “the Court”) addressed directly for the first time whether the offering of a service, without the actual provision of a service, is sufficient to constitute use in commerce under Lanham Act § 45. In deciding that it is...

  • Erek Barron Joins Women's Caucus - Washington Post

    Erek Barron was mentioned in the Washington Post's article, "Four men join the Maryland Women’s Caucus." Del. Erek L. Barron, a freshman in the Maryland General Assembly, was still adjusting to his new legislative schedule when he realized that he had double-booked meetings.

  • Check Your Community Association's Policies - They May be Unlawful

    By: Jennifer S. Jackman

    By Jennifer Jackman

  • New Required Notices for D.C. Employers

    By: Jennifer S. Jackman, Tiffany M. Releford

    By:  Jennifer S. Jackman, Esq. and Tiffany M. Releford, Esq.

  • D.C. Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

    By: Jennifer S. Jackman, Tiffany M. Releford

    The D.C. Protecting Pregnant Workers Fairness Act of 2014 (“the Act”) became effective March 3, 2015.  Under the Act, D.C. employers are required to provide accommodations, when requested, to employees when they are needed due to pregnancy, childbirth, related medical conditions or...

  • Be on Guard for Cybersecurity Breaches

    By: Jefferson C. Glassie, Stacey L. Pine

    Over the last few years, cyber attacks on businesses have become a regular occurrence. The banking, retail, gaming and health care industries have all fallen victim to cyber attacks. The news media has been replete with stories about for-profit businesses experiencing security lapses or breaches by...

  • How Simple is that Simple Retirement Plan, Really?

    By: Mary Claire Chesshire

    By Mary Claire Chesshire

  • Hat Fight: NLRB Ruling Against Company Hat Policy Rejected by D.C. Circuit

    By: Jeffrey C. Seaman

    By Jeffrey Seaman