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  • DOJ Issues New Guidance on Testing Accommodations Under the Americans with Disabilities Act

    By: Megan C. Spratt

    On September 8, 2015, the Department of Justice issued technical assistance on testing accommodations under the ADA.  The document covers who is entitled to testing accommodations, what types of testing accommodations are required, what documentation may be required of the individual...

  • European High Court Invalidates Safe Harbor for Transfer of Personal Data

    By: Howard R. Feldman, S. Keith Moulsdale, Ryan J. Stoker

    On October 6, 2015, the European Court of Justice — the highest court in Europe — invalidated an international privacy agreement between the United States and the European Union, known as the US-EU Safe Harbor.  The US-EU Safe Harbor allowed companies engaged in international business...

  • IRS Proposes Regulation Regarding Reporting of Charitable Donations

    By: Stacey L. Pine

    The IRS recently issued a proposed regulation regarding the reporting of charitable donations.  Under the current law, taxpayers who donate $250 or more to a charitable organization must obtain a written receipt from the charitable organization in order to claim a charitable deduction, and the...

  • Use of Criminal Background Checks in the Hiring Process

    By: A. Ari Ghosal

    This article originally appeared in the June issue of Association TRENDS and is reprinted with their permission. You are the hiring person at your organization.  As part of your hiring process, your organization considers an individual’s criminal history as a factor in whether to exclude...

  • Finance and Audit Committees

    By: Eileen Morgan Johnson, CAE

    This article was originally published in the June issue of Association TRENDS and is reprinted with permission. Most associations have at least one board committee that oversees the association’s money.  Some associations have divided the oversight duties and assigned them to multiple...

  • Chamber seeks changes to Md.'s business tax structure

    By: Herman B. Rosenthal

    Whiteford, Taylor & Preston’s Herman Rosenthal, a Senior Tax Partner who serves as Co-Chair of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce Tax Policy Committee, spoke before the Maryland Economic Development and Business Climate Commission on Wednesday, September 9.  Appearing with Chamber of...

  • Service Animals And The FHA

    The Fair Housing Act (“FHA”) applies to community associations and establishes the regulations with which private “housing providers” must comply. This article will explore the possible responses an association may have to a community association member requesting the use of a service animal under...

  • Legislative Update For Delaware

    By: Chad J. Toms

    The following items of legislation from the 2015 session may be of interest to Delaware Common Interest Communities:

  • Check Your Policies To Ensure They Are In Compliance with Current D.C. Employment Laws

    By: Jennifer S. Jackman, Tiffany M. Releford

    This article appeared in Association TRENDS, June 2015, and is reprinted with permission of the publisher. There have been several recent changes in D.C. significantly affecting wages, employer notice requirements, and records maintenance as well as changes providing more protection to pregnant...

  • Mind Your B's and F's: A Primer on Deferred Compensation Plans for Tax Exempts

    By: Mary Claire Chesshire

    This article appeared in Association TRENDS, June 2015, and is reprinted with permission of the publisher.