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  • Protecting An Association's Trademarks

    By: Dana O. Lynch

    When we think of trademarks, most consumers think of famous international brands, such as Coca-Cola, Nike and Apple. Trademarks, however, are not just for traditional “for-profit” corporations. Trademarks can be very important assets to associations and can have significant value in advancing their...

  • Copyrights Are Critical For Associations

    By: Jefferson C. Glassie

    Books, publications, websites, white papers, conference proceedings, magazines and newsletters constitute some of the most valuable property that associations have. These materials may be protected by the copyright laws, and it’s critical that associations maximize such protection. It’s important...

  • Privacy Matters

    By: Howard R. Feldman

    The obligations imposed by the data breach laws enacted by almost every state and many foreign countries (particularly the European Union) and various federal privacy laws do not distinguish between for profit businesses and nonprofit organizations. Therefore, trade and professional associations...

  • Cyberattacks Are Equal Opportunity Threats

    By: S. Keith Moulsdale

    You may think that most cyberattacks happen to for-profit businesses and government agencies. But don’t be lulled into a false sense of security; when it comes to collecting and storing valuable data, many trade associations and nonprofits could give a like-sized corporation a run for its money.

  • Top Court Could Expand Rights of Nonparties to File Amicus Briefs

    By: Dwight W. Stone II

    By Steve LashThe Daily Record ...But Dwight W. Stone II, a co-chair of Maryland Defense Counsel's appellate practice committee, predicted the new rules would not substantially change the practice of advising corporate clients to file an amicus brief when an issue before the court can affect their...

  • Pols in Hot Water Over Rain Tax

    By: M. Trent Zivkovich

    By Bryan SearsThe Daily RecordDaily Record Business Writer … “Most business owners are reasonably comfortable paying fees and taxes when they know it will actually make a difference,” said M. Trent Zivcovich, a Baltimore attorney at Whiteford Taylor Preston LLP. “That being said, there is a great...

  • Tax Lien Certificate Sales in DC

    By: Alexander N. Rouhani

    Tax lien certificate sales pose many questions and potential problems for condominium associations in the District of Columbia. They can strip an Association of all its liens on a property, or act as tool to remove a chronically delinquent owner or even net the Association a substantial profit. As...

  • The Critical Role of the Board in Amending Governing Documents

    By: Marla J. Diaz

    Evolving community needs and changing legal requirements often present a community association board of directors with a daunting task: amending the association’s governing documents.  A well-crafted amendment that complies with applicable law is the obvious objective of any board of directors...

  • Recommended Practices for Community Associations When Creating Websites and Using Social Media

    By: Kathleen A. Waldy

    Takeaway:  The use of websites and social media by community associations is a great way for communities to keep their membership informed; however, there are recommended practices that community associations should follow in order to avoid, or at least minimize, their potential for liability...

  • Dealing with the Inevitable: Practical Considerations in Defending Merger Objection Lawsuits

    By: Dwight W. Stone II, Dennis M. Robinson, Jr., Patrick D. McKevitt

    Identifying, evaluating, and acting on potential merger & acquisition (M & A) deals is one of a director’s most challenging responsibilities. The process involves complex valuation and market analysis, high-stakes negotiations, input from independent legal and financial advisors, and...