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Top Five Political Law Compliance Tips for 2020

Another election year is upon us, and once again federal and state candidates are on track to raise and spend unprecedented sums for their election efforts.  That means corporations, trade associations, 501(c)(4) advocacy organization, and their leaders, members and donors will be inundated with political contribution requests.  They may also be asked to help candidates and political parties in other ways, such as hosting fundraisers or providing in-kind contributions of goods or services.
For many organizations, political engagement is not an option – decisions by federal, state and local officials may be critical to their success.  Any organization engaged in political activity must understand the basic rules of the road in order to avoid common pitfalls.  Here are our Top 5 compliance tips for addressing the political law risks facing your organization this election year.

Top Ten List for Delaware Community Associations, Part 2 (A Webinar)

On 10/29, Chad Toms hosted a webinar on the Top Ten Issues for Delaware Community Associations.

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