Two Whiteford, Taylor & Preston Attorneys Elected Fellows of the Maryland Bar Foundation

Date: July 14, 2005
Baltimore - July 14, 2005 - Whiteford, Taylor & Preston is pleased to announce that Judith C. Ensor and John B. Gontrum were elected Fellows of the Maryland Bar Foundation at the 2005 Annual Meeting in Ocean City. The Maryland Bar Foundation is a non-profit charitable corporation that has the following purposes: to foster and maintain the honor and integrity of the profession of law; to improve and facilitate the administration of justice; and to promote the study of the law and research therein, the diffusion of knowledge thereof, and the continuing education of lawyers. Membership in the Fellows is for recognition of outstanding dedication and contribution to maintaining the honor and integrity of the legal profession, the improvement and facilitation of the administration of justice, the work of the organized Bar of Maryland and civic leadership. Membership is limited to not more than 2.5% of MSBA membership. Invitations to be a Fellow are extended only after nomination by a current Fellow and endorsement by the Board of Directors of the Foundation. These two join 20 other Whiteford, Taylor & Preston attorneys who are Fellows of the Foundation: Harry S. Johnson (Board member), Joseph K. Pokempner (Board member), Barbara Ayres , Tom Beach , Ward B. Coe III, Robert B. Curran, Deborah H. Diehl, Edwin G. Fee Jr., Daniel H. Honemann, Frederick S. Koontz, Andrea Leahy-Fucheck, Rose Matricciani, M. Natalie McSherry, Joseph J. Mezzanotte, Dana Peterson Moore, Michael Stover, Wilbur "Woody" Preston, George D. Solter, Ernest C. Trimble and Warren N. Weaver.