Nonprofit Report - October 2019

California - Are Your Independent Contractors Really Employees?

Update - District Court Revives Donor Reporting Requirement in IRS Form 990 Schedule B

We welcome new Senior Counsel J. William Gray to our team

Nonprofit Report - April 2019

The Laws Impacting Automatic Renewal of Membership Dues - The Basics for Associations

Federal Lobbyists Must Now Disclose Past Convictions

Nonprofit Report - September 2018

The IRS Determines Nonprofit Corporations Can Reincorporate Without Filing a New Exemption Application

Stand Up and Be Heard in an Election Year

Nonprofit Report - July 2018

South Dakota v. Wayfair - Opening the Door for Imposition of State Sales' Tax on Interstate Sales

IRS Ignites Political Firestorm by Eliminating the Requirement for Most Nonprofit Organizations to Submit Confidential Donor Information to the IRS

Nonprofit Report - May 2018

Significant Changes Regarding Fringe Benefits Under the New Tax Law

UBI Now Calculated for Each Unrelated Trade and Business Activity

Nonprofit Report - February 2018

Your Fiduciary Duty: Find Missing Retirement Plan Participants

GDPR Compliance Quick Guide for U.S. Nonprofit Organizations and Associations

Nonprofit Report - January 2018

Three Questions to Ask When Designing a Severance Package

Maryland General Assembly Overrides Governor's Veto: Paid Sick Leave Law to Take Effect in February

Nonprofit Report - October 2017

Foreign Workers in the Trump Era - Immigration Compliance and Managing Your Workforce

The Frequently Neglected 403(B) Plan - Errors May Be Costly

Nonprofit Report - July 2017

Erika E. Cole, The Church Attorney® to Launch Church and Faith-Based Organization Practice at Whiteford, Taylor & Preston LLP

Can Your Journal Protect Its Peer Reviewers

Nonprofit Report - March 2017

What Do New Marijuana Laws Mean for the Workplace?

FEC Adjusts Some Political Contribution Limits for 2017-2018 Cycle

On the Horizon in 2017: Are Political Spending Restrictions on Section 501(c)(3) Organizations Going Away?

Nonprofit Report - October 2016

The 2016 Elections and Beyond -- Last Minute Opportunities and Compliance Challenges Ahead

Montgomery County Employers Must Provide Paid Sick and Safe Leave Effective October 1, 2016

Nonprofit Report - May 2016

Nonprofit Communication in the Cellphone Age: Know the Rules and Risks

New Department of Labor Overtime Regulations

Nonprofit Report - December 2015

How Associations Can Protect Their Content Rights Before Going Global

Automatic Renewal of Membership Dues and Recurring Credit Card Payment Laws

Nonprofit Report - November 2015

Cybersecurity: A Big Threat

DOJ Issues New Guidance on Testing Accommodations Under the Americans with Disabilities Act

European High Court Invalidates Safe Harbor for Transfer of Personal Data

Nonprofit Report - September 2015

Finance and Audit Committees

Use of Criminal Background Checks in the Hiring Process

IRS Proposes Regulation Regarding Reporting of Charitable Donations

Nonprofit Report - August 2015

Mind Your B's and F's: A Primer on Deferred Compensation Plans for Tax Exempts

Check Your Policies To Ensure They Are In Compliance With Current D.C. Employment Laws

Nonprofit Report - July 2015

The 4th Circuit Reaffirms Judicial Deference to Accreditation Agencies

Don't be Caught Off Guard with Inadequate Insurance Coverage

Nonprofit Report - March 2015

How Simple is that Simple Retirement Plan, Really?

Social Media & Employment Law

Hat Fight: NLRB Ruling Against Company Hat Policy Rejected by D.C. Circuit

Check Your Policies - They May be Unlawful

Nonprofit Report - February 2015

Don't Send Your Association's Email Lists to Criminals

Travel Safe: Managing the Legal Risks that Arise from International Operations

Non Profit Report - December 2014

A Brief Overview of Maryland's New Law, "Charitable Enforcement & Protection of Charitable Assets"

Ex-Officio Directors Get Voting Rights in California

Non Profit Report - November 2014

Terminating Employees: A Checklist for Minimizing Risk

The Americans with Disabilities Act: A Brief Overview of What Associations Should Know

Non Profit Report - September 2014

Is Your Sick Leave Policy in Compliance With District of Columbia Law

Federal Trade Commission Cracking Down on Professional Associations that Inhibit Competition

Non Profit Report - May 2014

The Federal Trade Commission Takes Aim at Professional Regulatory Boards

Disciplinary Proceedings: Due Process and Fair Report to Avoid Liability

Non Profit Report - January 2014

I Got This Thing From the IRS...

Managing Risk With Technology Contractors

Lessons Learned: The Importance of Effective Financial Governance and Internal Controls in the Wake of Reported Embezzlements at Prominent Nonprofits

Non Profit Report - October 2013

Top-7 Social Media Issues for Associations

IRS Self-Declarers Questionnaire Raises Interesting Question in Wake of EO Unit Scandal Print Article

Non Profit Report - August 2013

Legal Update and Summary of the New York Nonprofit Revitalization Act of 2013

"Old Act" DC Corporations Under the New Act

Non Profit Report - July 2013

What Nonprofits Don't Know About Healthcare Reform Can Hurt Them

New Rules for Association Foundation from the IRS

Non Profit Report - June 2013

Top 5 Issues In An Employment Agreement

D.C. Circuit Nixes NLRB Posting Requirement

Employers Now Required to Use Revised Form I-9 When Verifying Employment Eligibility

Non Profit Report - April 2013

New Travel Rules Issued by the House Committee of Ethics Became Effective on April 1, 2013

Upgrading Your Code of Ethics and Disciplinary Procedures: Practical and Legal Considerations

Non Profit Report - March 2013

The Group Ruling Questionnaire - What is it and what does it mean to your organization?

FTC Guidelines May Require Disclosure by Conference Speakers Using Social Media

Non Profit Report - January 2013

Minimizing Risk: The Importance of Conducting Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Training

The Right Coverage

Five Golden Rules for Committees

Non Profit Report - September 2012

Are Associations and Nonprofit Organizations the Next Big Target for Cyber Attacks?

DC Employers Subject To New Use Tax Filing Requirement

Non Profit Report - August 2012

New Federal Guidance on Use of Criminal History in Hiring Decisions

Association Social Media -- Is Permission Required To Post User Content

Non Profit Report - July 2012

Interns In The Nonprofit World

The New Generic Top-Level Domain Names: What Trademark Owners Should Do To Prepare

Non Profit Report - May 2012

Board Meeting Minutes -- Best Not To Get Too Wordy!

Recent Court Decision Finds that Directors of a Maryland Corporation can be Sued in Maryland, with no other Connections to the State

Non Profit Report - April 2012

Retirement Plan Disclosure Deadline Looms

Fourth Circuit Holds That Internal FLSA Complaint Can Support Retaliation Claim

Non Profit Report - March 2012

Could Your Association’s Chapter Program Be Considered a Franchise System?

As Technology Advances, Testing Accommodations Under the ADA Must Keep Pace

District of Columbia Two-Year Report Filing Deadline: April 2nd

Non Profit Report - February 2012

Copyright Law and Your Association

Construction Renovation Contracts 101: Six Key Considerations for Proactive Nonprofit Organizations and Associations

Non Profit Report - December 2011

The Importance of Legal Audits

Tips on Investigation Discrimination and Harassment Complaints -- What Every Association Should Know

Non Profit Report - October 2011

Legal Issues Arising from Nonprofit Organizations' Use of Social Media -- Part Two

Voluntary Worker Classification Settlement Program Implemented by the IRS

How Trademark Owners Can Prevent Their Marks From Becoming .XXX Domain Names

Non Profit Report - September 2011

U.S. Embargoes Can Impact Certification Programs

Legal Issues Arising from Nonprofit Organizations' Use of Social Media: A two-part article

Non Profit Report - August 2011

What Your Association Needs To Know About Job Boards

Organization Failed to Qualify as a Public Charity because its Supported Organizations were not Easily Identifiable

Animal-Rescue Group Volunteer Allowed to Take Charitable Deduction

Non Profit Report - July 2011

Jeff Glassie Joins WTP

State Franchise Law Applied to Girl Scouts Raises Issues of Applicability to Other Nonprofits

IRS News

Megan Spratt & Eric Nastasi Join WTP

Non Profit Report - May 2011

IRS Proposes Regs on Disclosure of Exempt Organization Information to State Officials

The Golden Rules for Committees

Non Profit Report - October 2010

Social Media in the Workplace: Part 2

Enforcing Board Member Responsibilities

Attention Employers with DC Employees: Final Regulations for Accrued Sick and Safe Leave Act Issued

Non Profit Report - September 2010

Social Media in the Workplace: Part 1

IRS Releases Revised Publications on Charitable Contributions and Gaming Activities

Small Business Health Care Tax Credit Form Released by the IRS

Non Profit Report - Summer 2010

Small Tax-Exempt Organizations: Don't Lose Your Exempt Status

Corral Your Contracts

Small Business Health Care Tax Credit Available to Tax-Exempt Organizations

Non Profit Report - Spring 2009

The Price of Getting Personal

Virginia Legislative Wrap Up

COBRA Health Continuation Coverage Under the Economic Stimulus Act

Non Profit Report - Winter 2009

Do You Have Time For Twice As Much Work?

Schaefer, Benson and Schaefer Join WTP

Which Form 990 Should My Organization File?

Think Before You Type

Is a Merger a Good Idea for Our Association?

Non Profit Report - Summer 2008

Does Your Organization Need A Compensation Committee?

Pension Protection Act Revisions

Beware of Cybersquatting and Other Domain Name Abuse

Non Profit Report - Fall 2007

Updates from the IRS and Capitol Hill


10 Lobbying Do's for Nonprofit Organizations and Staff

IRA Charitable Giving Conundrum

Eileen Morgan Johnson Named to ASAE Council

Attorney Spotlight: Kevin Kernan

Non Profit Report - Summer 2007

IRS on Governance

Protecting Volunteers From Liability in Maryland

Board Evaluation of the Chief Executive Officer

Virginia Sales Tax Law Change, Effective July 1, 2007

Non Profit Report - Winter 2007

What Does the Legislative Horizon Hold for Tax-Exempt Entities?

Executive Compensation Avoiding Excise Taxes on Deferred Compensation

Nonprofit Report - Fall 2006

Charitable Organization Reform Legislation Becomes Law

Fax Advertising and Nonprofit Organizations

Fundraising Regulations in the 21st Century

Non Profit Report - Summer 2006

IRS Issues New Guidance on Political Activities

Are Charitable Giving Tax Incentives and Reforms a Possibility This Year?

Nonprofit Report - Winter 2006

What Does the Legislative Horizon Hold for Tax-Exempt Entities?

Executive Compensation: Avoiding Excise Taxes on Deferred Compensation