Bonds and Tax-Exempt Financing

Our Tax Section has substantial experience in representing issuers, borrowers and underwriters as bond counsel, borrower's counsel or underwriter's counsel in connection with tax-exempt bond financings. Our bond attorneys are all listed in the "Red Book" and are actively involved in financings for non-profit organizations, manufacturers, as well as state and local issuers.

We are well versed in all of the current trends, and can address all of the tax issues associated with tax-exempt financings. Our experience enables us to develop creative approaches to any issues that may arise during the course of a financing transaction and to facilitate the most efficient structuring of a tax-exempt financing whether it involves fixed rate, variable rate or taxable series.

When serving as borrower's counsel, we take an active role in advising our clients when a tax-exempt financing is first being considered so as to anticipate and to address in advance, all of the tax questions that are considered during the course of a financing.

Our bond attorneys include a former Chair of the Federal Arbitrage Committee of NABL and a former Director of NABL. We have been involved in reviewing and/or structuring nearly all types of tax-exempt bond financing, and also have substantial experience representing clients in audits and other controversies arising from tax-exempt financings.

We also advise our clients on complex tax integration issues associated with the use of derivatives by issues and borrowers.