Cloud Computing

The delivery of computing as a service -- rather than a product -- in which resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices as a utility, offers the promise of reducing soaring IT costs and focusing on core operations.  However, the Cloud's potential cost savings and operational efficiencies can be quickly lost if a company's written policies and actual practices do not anticipate and address the legal issues raised by entrusting data and other resources to third-parties.  For example, contracts with cloud providers should address directly such key issues as data and computer security, data and application availability, record retention and management, data breach incident response, and e-discovery obligations.  For multinational entities, compliance requires an understanding of local laws governing cross-border data transfers.

Our IP lawyers serve a rapidly growing number of clients focused on the business of outsourcing or managing data and other computing resources.  We serve clients engaged in IT services connected through fiber optic or other broadband facilities.  We focus on specific transactional and other tasks associated with cloud computing.  Operating at the convergence between the communications and technology industries, we represent clients on groundbreaking information technology issues.  Let us help you take advantage of the Cloud.