Computer Software & Hardware

In the area of computer software and hardware, we counsel owners, developers, distributors, licensees and others in a wide range of computer issues, spanning a host of business transactions and commercial disputes.  For example, we provide practical and timely advice regarding:

  • The identification, protection, commercialization and enforcement of intellectual property rights in computer software and hardware
  • Preparation of a wide variety of software development agreements, including joint development initiatives
  • Conventional software distribution, sale and license agreements for both off-the-shelf and custom applications
  • Innovative software license and distribution agreements, including ASP, "cloud computing", Software as a Service ("SaaS") and Free/Open Source models
  • Software maintenance, service and source code escrow agreements
  • The latest laws relating to computer database protections
  • Computer hardware OEM, sale, license, lease and maintenance agreements
  • The acquisition, sale and license of computer hardware, systems and networks, including integrated hardware/software transactions
  • All relevant e-commerce considerations

Our software clients range from small concerns to large publicly-held and span a wide spectrum of applications and models, including CAD, CAM, CRM, SCM, ERP, PLM, KM and ASPs.