Client Alert: Business Debt Recovery and Restructuring Assistance

Practical guidance from one of the largest debt restructuring/insolvency legal practices in the country

Date: March 19, 2020
The COVID-19 novel virus has caused an unprecedented interruption in business, the full impact of which will remain unknown for at least months to come.  Businesses are now operating in uncharted territory, with many forced by government mandate to close temporarily or operate under abnormal conditions in order to slow the spread of the disease.  Whiteford Taylor & Preston understands that the “new normal” for businesses moving forward will be anything but normal.  Even with the promise of help from the federal government, businesses will face many obstacles in coming back from this economic catastrophe.  We are here to help businesses whose outlook is uncertain as well as those facing a more serious risk of closure.

With one of the largest debt restructuring/insolvency legal practices in the country, our attorneys have significant experience in assisting businesses of all sizes navigate their way through difficult economic times.  Our attorneys have represented parties on all sides of debt restructuring matters in numerous industries, including hospitality, energy, transportation, health care and many others.  We have successfully assisted clients in restructuring secured and unsecured debt, both in and out of court.  We work closely with clients to understand their business in order for us to be able to help business owners maintain the viability of their business, which may including restructuring loans, handling landlord-tenant matters, dealing with utility issues and litigating business disputes. 

With a number of offices in the Mid-Atlantic, we have attorneys in numerous geographic locations available to assist businesses navigate this uncharted territory.  Please contact the following for any inquiries you may have:
  • Baltimore/DC -  Paul Nussbaum (410-347-8794) or Brent Strickland (410-347-9429)
  • Wilmington -  Dennis Shaffer (410-347-9437)
  • Virginia -  Chris Jones (703-280-9263) or David Gaffey (703-280-3374)
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